Oulujärvi Rock Cruise Charms All

Summer in Finland is host to numerous festivals, both large and small. We attended the Oulujärvi Rock Cruise to see how the small events stack up.

Helsinki City Museum Sets a New Standard – Opens on Friday

Helsinki City Museum has completely raised the benchmark on what can be realised in a museum space, both technologically, interactively, and societally. The space offers a rich, sensory experience free of charge, delivers information in spades, and promises to entertain any visitor, no matter their predilections.

‘Eddie the Eagle’: Film Review

The story of a determined and relentless British ski jumper who wowed audiences at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics hits the big screen with success.

Finnish School Food – Sampling Changing Attitudes

Gastro, a three day catering and food exhibition held at Messukeskus, was certainly a strange venue to be sampling the possible future of Finnish school food. Nestled between a cooking competition with tens of ...

‘The Brothers Grimsby’: Film Review

The Brothers Grimsby is a strange cocktail of Austin Powers meets Ali G, with tinges of Bond and the intensity of Borat/Bruno, the latter major hits in Finland in the late 2000s.

‘Carol’: Film Review

Carol is nominated for 6 Oscars, including Best Cinematography. The finer details and dialogue are the true draw of this film.

The Prodigy Lights Up Helsinki Ice Hall

There is something endearing about seeing two manic characters on stage of Helsinki Ice Hall on Tuesday evening so readily associated with the power of ‘big beat electronica’, and their image remaining entirely the same as their envelope-pushing videos in the late 90s.

Kallio Block Party Entertains a Crowd of 10,000

The Kurvi urban area in Kallio was transformed on Saturday afternoon, as long sections of both Hämeentie and Helsinginkatu were closed down to motorised traffic, bringing to life the fifth inception of Kallio-liike's (Kallio Initiative) annual block party.