I Love Me Fair – An Introduction to Plastic Surgery

I thought that the I Love Me Fair was preying upon the modern woman’s insecurities with quick fixes at a price. However, I am starting to think that it is a safe environment to explore things like permanent cosmetic work.

Gloria Fashion Show Takes It Back To the 70’s

An endless parade of modest, button up shirt dresses in novelty patterns were marched down the runway paired with modern elements such as fur, army jackets, ankle boots and at times sequins.

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We write news for immigrants and fans of Finland without a strong command of the Finnish language to help them integrate into the society, comprehend the Finnish news and discover the nation’s achievements.

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Landing your first job can be difficult for native Finns but even more so for immigrants. While the lack of understanding the language can be a barrier, those who don’t feel like an outsider have a greater chance of getting their foot in the slowly closing door of a potential employer.

The good news is that Finland is going to need about 34,000 working immigrants yearly for the next ten years because an increasing number of Finns are leaving work life due to old age.

Our international team at Finland Today is here to help you to integrate into the Finnish society.

Your confidence will soar after your knowledge of how Finland works increases. Our in-depth analyses and features will guide you to make better decisions. Your network and net worth will grow after we introduce you to a number of politicians, companies and decision-makers.

We help you to make Finland stronger and better.

According to the latest occupational barometer, an increasing number of occupations need more employees. Your help is desperately needed in the social and healthcare sector. Construction companies want strong workers and an eye for detail. Video game industry is looking for creative minds to develop the next Angry Birds.

Just to name a few examples.

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Our mission is to provide an outlet for civic engagement for the entire expat community and the international communities abroad. We produce most of our content through first-hand experiences and interviews and create articles, which are supported by our strong visual photojournalism.

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