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A screen capture from Facebook.

“God dammit. I haven’t heard crazier stuff. Are you out of your mind?”

This is one of the more than 100 comments of similar tone that Olli Sademies, a member of the Finns party, received on Facebook on Tuesday after writing this:

“Immigrants set our social security on trial and in fact wreck it. In Africa, the social security is based on a big number of children which enables a few children to live longer and to take care of their parents. When Africans arrive in Finland as ‘refugees’ they continue to breed in the same rhythm even though a smaller amount would be enough.”

“So, in order to avoid a total wreck, the number of children among the immigrants should be reduced. A maximum number of three children. That would demand a forced sterilisation of African men which would more effectively restrain their onslaught to our country in order to earn a better standard of living by fucking.”

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Sademies, though not a member of the Finns parliamentary group, is among others a reserve councillor in Helsinki. He is also a pensioned crime investigator of the Helsinki police department.

This is the second scandal for the Finns party just after the smoke started clearing around Toimi Kankaanniemi, the sex-messaging MP, in a span of a few weeks, while the party chair, Timo Soini, the likely candidate for the finance minister, is negotiating of the final agreements of forming the new government.

The party secretary, Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo, was quick to denounce on Twitter that the comments of Sademies are not acceptable and he will be asked to submit a detailed explanation of his sayings.

“Olli, what if you were forcibly sterilised?” another commentator asks on Facebook . . .


ft-mkHistory wasn’t Olli’s favourite subject, eh?

So, Olli Sademies believes African immigrants have too many children and the above-mentioned measure seems to him like a good way to stimulate Finnish families to have more children.

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Sademies was a candidate for the Finns parliamentary group and received 462 votes during the elections. The number was not enough to go through but the fact is still a fact – almost five hundred people chose this person as their representative. I wonder, if their opinion changed after his comment . . .

Currently, his Facebook post has 178 likes, more than 100 comments and 101 shares. So I’m asking myself, am I actually in the 21st century? I’m asking myself how many people support ideas of that kind. Moreover, frankly speaking, I’m asking myself would those immigrants actually come here knowing what kind of birth-control measures they might be offered.

History knows enough cases of what happens when some people start believing they are better than the others are. We all know the results, right.

Then ask yourself: what’s next?

Maria Kozlovskaya