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Pertti Kurikan NImipäivät, the Finnish representative for Eurovision 2015, is one of the top contenders. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Pertti Kurikan NImipäivät, the Finnish representative for Eurovision 2015, was one of the top contenders. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Sex messages. Yes. Sex is what the Finns party member, Toimi Kankaanniemi, admittedly suggested to several women through Facebook and because of the nature and size of the scandal that followed, he resigned from the group negotiating for the government.

When the scandal broke loose on Monday, the media was quickly to dig out the dirt on this guy.

One of the amusing finds was an old video clip from 1998,  where he was imitating the former US president Bill Clinton in YLE’s Iltalypsy sketch show.

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lawinsky,” he repeats several times on the video with the help of the Finnish imitator, Jukka Puotila.

Meanwhile another sex scandal is taking place as Jari Aarnio, the former Helsinki police drug chief, is being prosecuted of having sex with a prostitute for seven years, all while conducting his regular duties as the squad chief. The police had found his semen from an old leather sofa, located in the prostitute’s apartment. Aarnio admits visiting the place but denies the intercourse.

But this is a minor matter in the list of over two dozen crimes charged against Aarnio, who has been in pre-trial detention since November 2013, and whose drug-related trial started on Tuesday morning in Helsinki district court.

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One of the most significant charges against him is related to about 891 kilos of hash, which six others, allegedly Aarnio’s partners imported in several barrels to Finland from the Netherlands in 2011.

The alleged partners, five Finns and one Dutch, were convicted to long jail sentences from 8 to 13 years.

The prosecutor is also, among others, charging Aarnio of his involvement in sending members of criminal gangs to threat a key suspect to change his statement in the aforementioned barrel incident.

An interesting detail in the Aarnio case is also the extraordinary amount of cash Aarnio held, which according to the calculations amount to somewhere of about a half a million euros. Last year, a barrel filled with 100, 200 and 500 euro bills – a total sum of 64,800 euros – were found in his yard.

The prosecutor insists that the cash was acquired with drug trafficking.

Aarnio denies all the charges, and the prosecutors demand a 13-year sentence for Aarnio in the trial, which will likely last months.

Meanwhile, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, the punk band living with learning disabilities, competed in the semi-finals of the Eurovision song contest, representing Finland in Vienna, Austria on Tuesday evening.

The band performed their hit song Aina mun pitää (I always have to) as fifth in turn with a steady hand and a steady voice of Kari Aalto.

“I always have to clean. I always have to wash dishes . . . ,” Aalto sang in a compressed version of the song, which lasted 1.5 minutes and ended in loud cheers.

But this time the cheers weren’t enough to convince the voters and judges sending the band forward from among 16 countries, of which 10 will now advance to the final on Saturday.

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