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Remember the comments of Finns party member Olli Sademies? Here’s a refresher:

“Immigrants set our social security on trial and in fact wreck it,” he wrote on his Facebook wall in late May and continued, “so, in order to avoid a total wreck, the number of children among the immigrants should be reduced. A maximum number of three children. That would demand a forced sterilisation of African men which would more effectively restrain their onslaught to our country in order to earn a better standard of living by fucking.”

The writings of Mr. Sademies lead to several reports of an offence.

The police has launched preliminary investigations.

Mr. Sademies is now a suspect for agitation against an ethnic group.

“The threshold for reason to suspect has been exceeded,” said Kari Illukka, the inspector from Helsinki police department.

Sademies, a former inspector of the Helsinki police, feels that his freedom of speech has been violated.

“Doesn’t Finland follow the article of freedom of speech in the European human rights agreement?” he said.

“They are trying to limit my freedom of speech but it will not silence me.”

Tony Öhberg