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A screen capture of Charlie Hebdo’s web page.


Helsinki is drifting from Europe. This is the headline from the Parisian satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, which in January paid with the lives of eleven people in the massacre for publishing a caricature of Prophet Muhammad in their cover.

In their latest issue, reporter Jean-Yves Camus takes a piss to the Finns party, aka True Finns by saying that the name of the party comes from representing the real Finns which separates them from the fake Finns like Swedish-speaking Finns, Samis, the Russian minorities and immigrants.

The illustration of the article features moose as the real Finns and a dark-skinned person as the fake Finn.

The article is quick to stress that the Finns party leader, foreign minister Timo Soini, represents a minority as being a Catholic in the country dominated by Evangelical Lutherans.

Charlie Hebdo ponders on the mystery of how Soini has lifted his party to success and in conclusion states that in the end the recipe is simple: first of all, Soini as a person has succeeded in stirring the tame political field of Finland and at the same time has succeeded in selling the voters the supposed-socialistic platform where the party assured of being on the side of the underdog.

However, the party joined the government, which is driving Finland to the unprecedented six billion cuts. And when the soup is spiced with euro-scepticism and xenophobia, a confusing but effective recipe is ready.

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The paper gives an example of the comments of the Finns party member and a reserve councillor in Helsinki, Olli Sademies, who suggested that African males who arrive in Finland should be sterilised after having the third child.

According to the article, the genius in leading the Finns party is based on the way of handling these public outbursts. The party simply resigns from any comments made by the party’s black sheep.

The article sums up that the Finns is a pragmatic party. Their skills in making compromises took them to the Finnish government where the party can affect Finland’s EU and immigration policies and even demand the lowering of development aid.

“The article is an example of the freedom of the media, which is a good thing. Freedom of speech materialises in Europe,” Timo Soini said on Monday for STT news agency.

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