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About 70 protesters, demanding closing of the Finnish borders from refugees, are walking along Aleksanterinkatu in Helsinki, Finland on Saturday September 19 2015. On Saturday, similar protests were also arranged in Tornio and Kemi, northern Finland. About 300 protesters joined both of the events. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The thick heels of army boots clonk against the cobblestone of Aleksanterinkatu, which is now occupied with marchers waving Finnish flags, chanting slogans and singing the national anthem in a police escort.

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“Close the borders!” yells a man, holding a sign stating the very same thing he is repeating.

The man looks directly at a couple of dark skinned ladies who have stopped in the street as if frozen in front of a clothes store, where they were supposed to go for late Saturday afternoon shopping.

An older man gives the protesters the finger.

“Boooooo!” screams a younger woman in the street with all her might.

There are about 70 demonstrators, supporting a common cause: Finland should close the borders from the refugees. The sooner the better.


Here’s one explanation from a demonstrator:

“If you look at the pictures of refugees that have arrived in Finland, you can see that most of them are men in under their 30s,” he said, “they have an athletic look, they are in good health. They look like they are taking a holiday from the special forces. It must be a conspiracy of some terrorist organisation and soon they start killing Finns.”

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The protesters have now reached the Bank of Finland in Kruununhaka and are holding speeches with a similar tone. Some raise their hand in a Heil Hitler greeting.

“Our traitor politicians are doing nothing in front of this Islamic invasion. We cannot accept this. Finland has been, is, and will also in the future be the motherland of Finns,” says Eero Tillanen, a man wearing a dark Stetson, brown leather jacket, black jeans and brown boots. “In my opinion the refugees who have new smartphones and tablets and scream ‘Allah Akbar’ should be thrown out of the country with their ass forward.”

“Yes!” The crowd cheers and applauds.

Watch the video:



A man observing the demonstration is giving the protesters the finger. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today



A demonstrator against the refugees. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today



A group of demonstrators against immigration sitting in front of the Bank of Finland. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today


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