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Somalis received the second largest number of Finnish citizenships in 2016. In the picture, a man is waving the Somali flag at Somali’s Independence Day ceremony at Esplanade Park in Helsinki, Finland in July 2013. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

According to Statistics Finland, 34,905 persons moved to Finland in 2016, which was 21 percent more than the previous year. The number of immigrants exceeded the record of 2013 by nearly 3,000. On the other side, a total of 18,082 persons moved abroad from Finland, 11 percent more than in the year before.

Most immigrants came from Iraq with 3,069 immigrants, second largest group of immigrants came from Russia with 2,087 immigrants, and the third largest group came from Afghanistan with 1,097 immigrants.

Immigration from the EU countries to Finland remained at the same level compared with the previous year, down by just 182 persons to 12,913. Instead, emigration, that is people moving from Finland to abroad, has now been growing for six years in succession to the EU countries. Last year, 11,806 persons emigrated from Finland to other EU countries. This was 905 persons more than in 2016.

Finnish citizenship was granted in 2016 to 9,375 foreign citizens permanently resident in Finland. The number is the highest during Finnish independence. Altogether, 1,454 more citizenships were granted than in 2015.

In 2016, Russians received the largest number of citizenships: 2,028. This was 300 more than in the year before. Somali citizens were the second largest group of recipients of Finnish citizenship,  1,066. The third most Finnish citizenships were granted to citizens of Iraq (534) and fourth-most to Estonian citizens (459).

Source: Stastistics Finland