Police suspect a minor shot other students at Viertola school, Vantaa.

Viertola School is a Finnish language comprehensive school (grades 1-9) with approximately 725 students located in the Viertola district of the Tikkurila area of Vantaa. The school has two teaching units. The shooting took place at the Jokiranta school for grades 1-9, which has about 250 students. Photograph: Paju-commonswiki

ON TUESDAY MORNING there was a shooting at the Viertola school in Vantaa.

Three 12-year-old students were injured in the incident, according to the police.

The suspected shooter, according to the police, is also 12 years old.


The police have the suspect in custody. The student was, according to the police, caught in Siltamäki district in Helsinki. An eyewitness told the Finnish tabloid Iltalehti that he saw the police arrest a boy who “looked like a little boy.”

“Bystanders are asked to stay away from the area and indoors. Do not open the door to anyone you do not know,” the police noted in a statement.

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The principal of the school, Sari Laasila, told the Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat that those present at the school had taken shelter inside and were waiting for instructions from the police.

The police were called to the scene at 09:08.

As of this writing, police are still on the scene investigating the incident.