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(L-r) KEVIN DILLON as Johnny Drama, JERRY FERRARA as Turtle, ADRIAN GRENIER as Vince, JEREMY PIVEN as Ari Gold, KEVIN CONNOLLY as Eric and EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI as Sloan in Warner Bros. Pictures,’ Home Box Office’s and RatPac-Dune Entertainment’s comedy “ENTOURAGE,” a Warner Bros film. Picture: Warner Bros

Wow! What can I say? Being a huge fan of the Entourage TV series (2004-2011), it was like a wet dream come true after seeing Vincent Chase, Johnny Drama, Turtle, E and last but not least Ari Gold giving their best on the big screen. Entourage (2015), which is based on the award-winning hit HBO series, written and directed by Doug Ellin, is sure going to be the hit movie of the summer.

The film is like the TV series’ best season clammed into 104 minutes. I mean, this is their best work since the first three seasons of the series.



JEREMY PIVEN as Ari Gold. Picture: Claudette Barius

Let’s, for example, take Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), the super agent-turned-studio head of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), who lost a bit of his energy in the last two, three seasons (eight seasons in total).

In the movie, he is on fire and I am delighted to add, supersedes himself. Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), is as goofy and insecure and masturbating as he is supposed to be. E (Kevin Connolly) is his usual charming self who has become quite a lady’s man. Turtle has lost 20 kilos (Jerry Ferrara) and is now a business mogul after his tequila sales skyrocketed.


ADRIAN GRENIER as Vince. Picture: Claudette Barius

Vince has found harmony after all the fame and partying and has become a director, which makes him slightly insecure and adds depth to his character.


MARK WAHLBERG as himself. Picture: Claudette Barius

The film features many funny cameos from, for example, one of the producers, Mark Wahlberg (the story is loosely based on Wahlberg’s early Hollywood years), to the Taken star, Liam Neeson, and all the way from UFC fighter Ronda Rousey to even Kelsey Grammer, who plays Dr. Frasier Crane, the quirky radio psychiatrist in the 90’s sitcom.

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The plot focuses around a film which Vince has decided to direct and play the lead role in. Being a virgin director, the producers and investors must be persuaded to exceed the budget. This is Ari Gold’s job. Ari needs to persuade Texans and take a trip to the country side where he literally smells the cow shit.

As usual, the entourage has their own problems with the female gender, so be ready for some seriously funny moments and some stunning hotties like Emily Ratajkowski, the international sex symbol.

In the end, I got the whole package: from cold chills to sincere laughs and my head was nodding to the selection of songs that couldn’t have been more on point from Noreaga’s Superthug to The Who’s Eminence Front.

And the good news is: It looks like there might be a sequel.

Entourage premiers in Finland on June 12.


(L-r) HALEY JOEL OSMENT as Travis McCredle, EMILY RATAJKOWSKI as herself and ADRIAN GRENIER as Vince. Picture: Claudette Barius