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Finlanyson’s store at Eteläesplanadi, Helsinki on Friday April 24 2015. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Finlayson, the Finnish world-renowned manufacturer of Moomin sheets (and more recently famous of the gay Tom of Finland collection), stops all its cooperation with department store Kärkkäinen because of racism.

“The owners of the department store Kärkkäinen are the owners behind Magneettimedia publication. This publication spreads repulsive and narrow-minded propaganda,” Jukka Kurttila, CEO of Finlayson, said in a bulletin.

Magneettimedia is a free paper and an online publication with stories about Jews, immigrants and the extinction of whites with recent headlines such as “Positive Experiences Of Departing Immigrants From Norway.” “The Week Against Racism: The Children And Those Without Media Criticism as Victims of Brainwashing.”

In 2013, the paper was convicted of agitation against an ethnic group with a fine of 45,000 euros.

Despite the previous sentence, the publication seems to continue its racist path.

According to the Finnish news agency STT, a report of an offence has been filed against an article in the paper which was delivered in about 270,000 mailboxes in the Ostrobothnia region during the recent days. The police is investigating the offence: another agitation against an ethnic group.

Department store Kärkkäinen bought Finlayson’s products for about 100,000 euros per year.

“The decision was not financially easy but Finlayson wants to declare its message of corporate responsibility by practical means,” Kurttila said.

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“Finlayson has been a part of the Finnish society for 195 years. During this time the attitudes and values have changed in the Finnish homes. For the most part, they have changed towards tolerance.”


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