A member of the teaching staff in Kirkonlylä School in Mäntsälä has contracted the coronavirus. 11 students of the school have been exposed to the virus and have been transferred to quarantine.

Kirkonkylä School in Mäntsälä. Picture: Public domain

According to Taina Ahonen, the principal of Kirkonkylä School, the staff member had been exposed to the virus last week. The coronavirus infection was confirmed on Monday evening. The infected person is feeling well and is in home care, according to Keski-Uusimaa social and health care joint municipal authority Keusote.

161 students of classes 1 to 6 attend the Kirkonkylä School.

The school is continuing its operations normally but has taken measures against the virus by, for example, marking the floors with tape as a reminder to keep a proper social distance.

Mäntsälä is a municipality of about 21,000 people in Uusimaa region, located about 60 kilometers from Helsinki.