The restaurants are going to close earlier. Each customer is going to have their own seat, and the serving capacity is reduced. The terraces will have no limits regarding the number of seats.

On Tuesday, the government informed the media about the gradual reopening strategy.
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Restaurants and cafeterias are going to be open on June 1, as we reported earlier. On Tuesday, the government informed the media about the details.

According to Krista Kiuru, the minister of family affairs and social services, restaurants are allowed to start serving alcohol beginning at 09:00 in the morning. Serving of alcohol is going to stop at 22:00. The last call will come an hour earlier so that the patron has enough time and necessary space to leave the premises.


The restaurant is allowed to serve for half of its capacity. Should the customer have any symptoms of a respiratory infection, the customer should not enter the restaurant.


In the restaurant, each customer will have to stay in their seat. The seats and tables cannot be too close to each other.
It’s the responsibility of the restaurant to arrange the tables accordingly. The restaurant must also take care of proper hygiene; the surfaces where a customer may touch should be very clean.

Outdoor terraces are going to be open, and the number of customers is not limited.

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The new regulations are going to be in effect until the end of October, but the government is prepared to lift some of the restrictions, for example regionally, should it turn out to be possible.

Nightclubs are going to remain closed for the time being.