10 Million US Dollar Coin Visits Helsinki

The Flowing Hair Silver Dollar is the first American dollar struck, the finest known (150 left in the world), and was on display at the National Museum in Helsinki.

‘Room’: Film Review

Room portrays a conflict of two forces: one born free, the other in captivity. It's a masterpiece.

‘Deadpool’: Film Review

Deadpool delivers with a strong screenplay and a lead actor perfect for the job. What more can you wish for?

‘The Revenant’: Film Review

Leonardo DiCaprio gives a performance of his life in the epic saga, The Revenant, and he doesn't even talk much.

A Year With Robert Helenius

The Finnish heavyweight boxer, Robert Helenius, will fight for the European Championship title in December. I spent a year watching him turn into a true Nordic Nightmare.

Finland Increases Security After Paris Attacks

Finland adjusts its security posture after the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, which left over 150 people killed in massacres around popular nightlife locations around the city centre.