Rain or shine, a virtual show will kick off the opening of the spring season.

A fence surrounded the statue of Havis Amanda on May Day’s Eve, April 30, 2020. Photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

Just like last year, the City of Helsinki urges revelers to celebrate May Day—the opening of the spring season—with family and friends, observing the restrictions imposed on gatherings. Helsinki will organize a virtual show in an attempt to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

May Day Eve (Friday, April 30) will culminate in a remote celebration called “Vapun päällä vappu” (May Day on Top of May Day), where the viewers can watch and listen to performances by the Finnish pop-punk band Apulanta and East Helsinki rapper Stig (formerly known as Stig Dogg).

The concert is free to watch on Nelonen TV channel and Ruutu streaming service.

It’s a long-lasting May Day tradition for the sculpture of Havis Amanda to receive a student cap on her head at the corner of the Market Square. The frenzy that typically gathers thousands of people of all ages abruptly came to a stop last year. On May Day’s Eve Havis Amanda will be protected with a chipboard fence. But worry not. In a clip filmed last week, the student union of Hanken Svenska Handelshögskolan will place the cap on Manta’s curls. The ceremony can be streamed through Yle Areena service on May Day’s Eve.

It should be noted that Helsinki will not be deploying extra rubbish bins or portable toilets for May Day revelers. New permits for commercial activities during the holidays will not be granted, nor will seasonal sales sites be rented out.

“Last year, Helsinki residents observed the effective restrictions and recommendation very diligently, and no large groups were seen around town. I believe that, despite the coronavirus fatigue, we can still get through one May Day remotely,” Sanna Forsström, head of the City of Helsinki brand unit, said in a statement.