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Tove Jansson’s exceptional drawings illustrate the sea, the wind, the light and the shadow in Arabia’s new series ‘True to Its Origins,’ which is based on Jansson’s two novels ‘Moominpappa at Sea’ and ‘Moominvalley in November.’ Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Finns are most inspired by nature when decorating their homes, according to a survey commissioned by the Association for Finnish Work.

When Finns were asked what inspires them when decorating their homes, nature was clearly the most popular response. A quarter of Finns are inspired by recycling, and Finns are inspired to decorate their homes for seasonal festivities.

Nature was especially important as a source of decorating inspiration for women, people aged 25-34 and people living in western Finland. The youngest respondents (aged 18-24) were more likely to be inspired by trends and trips abroad.

Designers love nature, too. Especially the bright summer nights, forests, rocky landscapes and lakes — without forgetting maybe the biggest inspiration of them all: the sea. “For many people, these landscapes speak to the soul and suit many different moods. In form and materials, Finnish design draws from the well of Finnish nature. A certain clean, authentic and original quality is characteristic of Finnish design,” said Johanna Lahti from the Association for Finnish work.

When decorating their homes, Finns are most inspired by

Nature 38 %

Recycling 25 %

Seasonal festivities 21 %

Trends 19 %

Trips abroad 19 %

Traditions 14 %

Statistics are based on a survey by Taloustutkimus, commissioned by the Association for Finnish Work. The study was conducted by phone interviews in June 2017 and had 1,004 participants, aged 15-79.