Snufking as featured in ‘Moominvalley’ (2019). Picture: YLE

Tove Jansson’s Moomin characters are receiving a beautiful reboot when Moominvalley (2019) premieres in the evening on YLE TV 2.

After seeing the three first episodes, it’s clear that the animation is crystal clear in HD quality and the Helsinki-based Gutsy Animation has taken every effort to bring even the smallest details to life.

The humor is based on surprise and the more “animated” characters when compared with Moomin, the Japanese-Finnish-Dutch television series of the ‘90s, where it was more about what the characters said.



I have watched most of the Moomin series in the past few years after it proved to be a great escape and a gate to a calmer state of mind after a busy day at Finland Today. Zen, the Japanese call it.

What is delightful with the modern adaption is that it still respects the Zen.

Modern animation is often fast-paced; quick cuts for the children with a fast attention span.

The modern take on Moomintroll. Picture: YLE

It’s interesting to note that Moominvalley doesn’t shy away from details that once caused whole episodes to be banned. (Details withheld for the sake of spoilers.)

The characters also don’t shy away from sharing their feelings right there and at the moment. They are also more expressive when it comes to love, for example.

And then there’s the music.

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It’s absolutely fantastic.

“Jeskamandeera,” like the Mymble would say.

The second episode, where Snufkin is looking for the perfect moment to start composing is astonishing.

If you’re still at the very beginning of learning Finnish, Moominvalley will be a great tool for you to take another step forward.

The language is simple, the subtitles clear. The visuals are stunning, and the music is a language anyone can understand.

‘Moominvalley’ (2019) premieres on YLE TV2 at 20:00.