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Ticket Sales on Commuter Trains End Today

Ticket Sales on Commuter Trains End Today


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Ticket sales on both HSL area commuter trains and VR’s commuter trains will end on June 19.

In the future, tickets must be bought in advance.

Conductors will continue to serve train passengers, both on board and in the platform area. They will patrol the trains in pairs helping and advising passengers and checking passengers’ tickets. Conductors will walk through one train and then move to another. In the evening and at night, there will be conductors on all trains.

”The world has gone to a direction, where a large number of clients are buying a big portion of the tickets from other channels than the train,” said Teemu Sipilä, VR’s director of commuter services.

Sipilä believes that the new system may decrease the number of passengers traveling without a ticket. “The conductor is likely to visit the train often and that’s why we believe it will decrease ticketless traveling,” he said.

A conductor can remove a ticketless passenger from the train. The ticket inspectors will keep touring the train as usual and check for a valid ticket. During an encounter with a ticketless passenger, the inspectors will collect a penalty fare of 80 euros in addition to the relevant one-way fare.

HSL’s tickets are available via a mobile app, on Travel Card, as well as from ticket machines, HSL service points and R-kiosks. New advance purchase single tickets will be on sale at kiosks from June 19. The tickets are validated at card readers on board trains and they are valid from the first use.

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