Patrons at a terrace of a restaurant in Helsinki’s Töölö district on June 17, 2020. Picture: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

Next Monday (June 22), restaurants will be allowed to serve alcohol between 09:00-01:00 in the morning. They can also fill 75 percent of their capacity. Buffets will be allowed to reopen. Cafeterias can be open between 04:00-02:00 in the morning. Restaurants must follow guidelines for proper hygiene, and there must be a seat available for each patron.

The government decided on lifting more restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic Wednesday.


Other restrictions to be lifted include indoor events of over 500 people, which will be allowed from July 1. Naturally, outdoor events of over 500 people are also allowed.


All limits related to restaurants are going to be lifted on July 13, if allowed by the pandemic.

The limits on public gatherings will likely be lifted in October.

Since the beginning of June, serving of alcohol in restaurants was allowed until 22:00, and the restaurant was allowed to serve for half of its capacity. The terraces were also reopened, and currently have no limits other than there should be a seat available for each patron.

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