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Only One-Third of Youth Wear Bicycle Helmet

Only One-Third of Youth Wear Bicycle Helmet

Picture: Jesse Millan

Only one-third of Finnish youth (15-20-year-olds) are wearing a bicycle helmet, says a survey conducted by the Finnish Road Safety Council.

The biggest challenges in wearing the helmet were trouble using it and carrying it along: the helmet makes one sweat or messes up the hairdo.

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Other reasons for not wearing a helmet included not having one or simply not using one.

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61 percent of the youth said that they are not using a helmet while cycling and 29 percent said that they do wear a helmet. One-tenth didn’t cycle at all.

Still, more than two-thirds of the respondents (68 percent) thought that using a bicycle helmet is somewhat useful for the safety of the cyclist. 27 percent thought that cycling is also safe without a helmet.

“On an individual level, youth are positive about the use of a bicycle helmet. Despite this, many don’t wear a helmet. Group pressure could be one explanation and the need for belonging to the group—or to avoid standing out from one’s peers,” said Jyrki Kaistinen a researcher at the Finnish Road Safety Council.

The survey was conducted by Kantar TNS Oy at the request of the Finnish Road Safety Council. Over 600 15-20-year-olds responded to the survey.

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