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The Finnish almanac has been published by the Helsinki University since 1705. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

The Finnish name day calendar gets an update with 35 new names.

Surprisingly there are no new traditional Finnish names. Instead, the list is updated with names with foreign roots.

Is your name on the list?

List of male names (15):

Andreas (30.11.), Edvin (9.3.), Elia (9.4.), Eliel (9.4.), Felix (6.9.), Niila (6.12.), Nikolas (6.12.), Oskar (1.12.), Oula (29.7.), Petja (29.6.), Petrus (29.6.), Rene (16.7.), Teo (9.11.), Venni (17.8.), Viktor (22.3.)

List of female names (20):

Adele (16.12.), Aida (22.4.), Bertta (24.8.), Cecilia (22.11.), Daniela (11.12.), Elle (10.2.), Erin (7.11.), Fiona (2.3.), Iita (14.9.), Inna (29.8.), Jasmiina (9.7.), Lila (20.5.), Luna (16.10), Malla (14.3.), Meea (27.4.), Minka (11.4.), Minni (26.5.), Neela (20.4.), Selina (23.3.), Unna (2.12.)

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the naming in Finland has become more international. New names have been found from beyond Europe, for example, female name Neela has its roots in India.

The new names will be included in the calendar in 2020. The name day calendar is maintained by the University of Helsinki Almanac Office.