The two-month-old red panda cub is still dependent on its mother. The mother has been allowed to nurture the cub in peace, and only a quick visit to the vet separated them momentarily. The cub will begin moving outside its nest by itself in September-October. Picture: Mari Lehmonen / Helsinki Zoo

The red panda couple got their first cub at the Helsinki Zoo on Tuesday.

The red pandas are extremely endangered—only about 10,000 are living in the wild in Central Asia in the Himalayas, and the number has been estimated to have reduced by half in the past 18 years.

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Cutting down trees and the expansion of cattle’s’ pastureland have reduced and shattered territory suitable for the species.

The red pandas prefer remote bamboo forests located in the heights. The arduous territory provides the best protection for them.

In the Helsinki Zoo, a red panda cub was previously born seven years ago.

The cub is a male and weighs now over 800 grams. He received an identification chip and worm medication from the vet, which made him wrinkle his nose. Picture: Mari Lehmonen / Helsinki Zoo

The red panda belongs to the protection program of zoos, which aims to create a robust zoo population. Picture: Mari Lehmonen / Helsinki Zoo