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Linnanmäki Amusement Park Opens on Friday – Here’s What’s New

Linnanmäki Amusement Park Opens on Friday – Here’s What’s New


According to Pia Advilankin, CEO of Linnanmäki, the amusement park is for people of all ages. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

One week from today Linnanmäki will open its doors for the 2018 season. Gearing up for a season of fun and games, CEO Pia Adlivankin discussed the newest features and exciting changes coming to the park. While it may be Finland’s oldest amusement park (opened in 1950) Linnanmäki is sticking with the times. “I think Linnanmäki has a very long history which is very unique,” she said. “We put a lot of effort into making it for everyone. It’s not just for children or just for grownups, it’s for everyone.”

Four new restaurants can be found filling the new restaurant complex accompanied by an open-air terrace, visitors and Helsinki residents alike can enjoy sunny summer days.

With 44 rides throughout the park, Linnanmäki is home to one of the first Virtual Reality rollercoasters in northern Europe, which is getting a makeover. New content is coming to the Linnunrata eXtra which will give guests the option to choose between three different films to experience during the ride. And finally, a new funhouse has come to the park. Standing three stories tall, the funhouse will give families of all ages the chance to play together.

Owned by the Children’s Day Foundation the amusement park aims to better the lives of those who need help. Last year they raised 4.5 million euros to be donated to support Finnish child welfare work and they aim to achieve the same goal this year. This only adds to the positivity to be found in Linnanmäki. “It’s very unique that while people are having fun they’re also supporting a good cause and helping those that may not have as much fun in their ordinary lives,” Adlivankin said.

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Compared to other parks around the world, Linnanmäki aims to give guests the best experience possible by starting with the basics. By first hiring the best people possible and then ensuring that they love their job, the park focuses on happy employees. “Once they love their work, then I believe they’re very intent on making sure that the customers like being at the park, and then they give the best possible service,” Adlivankin said. “We’ve been doing that many years and you can see the results.”

After a long winter, the park is ready to welcome visitors who want to bask in the long Finnish summer sun and enjoy a day of fun.

Linnanmäki opens on April 27.

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