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The police caught a total of 5,159 drivers of speeding during the speed limit enforcement, which began on Wednesday morning at 06:00 and lasted 24 hours. Of these, 3,850 were detected by automated speed limit enforcement and 1,309 by police officers.

Furthermore, 17 wanted individuals were apprehended and 26 other offenses were detected.

According to Timo Ajaste, chief superintendent of the National Police Board, the number of drivers caught speeding is in proportion to the number observed a year ago.

In Helsinki, the number of caught overspeeders was significantly lower. The police caught 45 drivers when the corresponding number last year was 122.

“We have been observing traffic visibly in the Helsinki center during the past few months, which is a common place for traffic accidents. This time fewer than one-fourth of the speeding tickets were given in the center,” said Inspector Pasi Tuominen from the Helsinki Police Department in a bulletin. “We believe that our information campaign and the boosted surveillance have affected the result positively.”

Speed limit enforcement was implemented in more than 20 European countries at the same time. The purpose of enforcement and the related public information is to prevent road traffic accidents and draw drivers’ attention to their driving speeds.