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A screen capture of some of the pop-up restaurants spread around Helsinki on Saturday, May 20, 2017.

On Saturday, pop-up restaurants will spread across Helsinki like mushrooms would in the Finnish forest. It’s also a new beginning for the food carnival that was previously arranged four times a year.  In 2016, the event was downgraded to a yearly event.

“Restaurant Day has never asked – or gotten – any kind of special permits or exceptions to regulations. All pop-up restaurants participating in Restaurant Day can be realized on any given day. Therefore, from now on, every day is Restaurant Day,” Timo Santala one of the founders of Restaurant Day said in 2016.

Santala was hoping that there would be a boom of pop-up restaurants being set up around the year.

It didn’t happen.

But today is different.

After that, there will be two more Restaurant Days this year: in August and November.

You can find a list of available food stalls here: