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Tony Öhberg

Helsinki city bikes offer a convenient way to travel for members of the family. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Helsinki city bike service — where bicycles can be borrowed for a fee by anyone in central Helsinki — has exceeded its expectations. So far, the bikes have brought 860,000 euros to the city’s chest.

Ok . . . let’s go for a more interesting angle: Since the scheme’s launch for the season on May 2, one million bikers have taken a trip on the yellow two-wheeler advertising you to go directly to the very specific corner store. In addition, each bike was used about 9.7 times per day — a dizzying number on an international level! “The popularity of the service is delightful and implies that the citizens have truly accepted the city bike service as theirs,” said Karoliina Rajakallio, director of the strategy and business development at the Helsinki City Transport, in a bulletin.

About 33,000 locals have registered as city bike users; the number of tourists which have used the service is significantly smaller.

Map of city bike stations in Helsinki. Picture: HSL

There are 1,400 bikes and 140 bike stations in Helsinki, within an area extending from the heart of the city to Munkkiniemi, Pasila and Kumpula. There are additional bikes in a tryout in Espoo, where residents are able to hop on the city bike in Matinkylä and Olari, with ten stations and a hundred bikes.

The city bike service offers passes for a day, a week and a season. The prices range from five euros a day to 25 euros for the whole season.

Now, if we could also rent helmets . . . .

(On a second thought, it may be difficult due to the various sizes of people’s heads. Better bring your own.)