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Sanna Marin, the minister of transport and communications, told the media on September 10 that the plans for high-speed rail links are set to begin. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today.

Negotiations are going to be started by the Ministry of Transport and Communications for two new companies that will oversee the development of high-speed rail links between Turku and Helsinki (the so-called One Hour Train) and the Finland Railway, that in turn would transport a passenger from Tampere to Helsinki in about an hour.

According to Sanna Marin, the minister of transport and communications, who was speaking at the press conference on Tuesday, the government would capitalize the companies with 51 percent and other shareholders, such as municipalities, would invest 49 percent.

Minister Marin estimates that the planning will take six to eight years.

The operation of the rail links would begin earliest in 2030.

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