Tony Öhberg
A heavy thunderstorm took over southeastern Finland on Tuesday. Stock photo: Pekka Isomursu / Flickr


While hot weather prevailed in many parts of the country on Tuesday, the southeastern parts experienced heavy and even dangerous thunderstorms.

According to the Southern Savonia Rescue Department, about 500 lightning strikes were seen in the thunderstorm that lasted three hours.

The rescue department had a busy day, but the most dangerous incident happened when lightning struck a house of about 70 square meters and ignited the building in flames.

One person was rescued and taken to the hospital.

The southern city of Hämeenlinna got its share of lightning strikes as well.

The lightning struck a detached house so that the power sockets of the house flew off the wall.

The fire department inspected the house and luckily didn’t find any developing fires.

Savonlinna is located in southeastern Finland.
Hämeenlinna is located in Häme region, southern Finland.