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According to Foreign Minister Timo Soini, government-led environment protection causes unnecessary hysteria. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

While Finland is preparing for the largest march against climate change to date, Foreign Minister Timo Soini (Blue Reform) published a column for Maaseudun Tulevaisuus newspaper on Friday about his thoughts on the subject during his sick-leave that has been estimated to continue for almost a month.

“Last week they released a report that ignited every fussing amateur in politics,” Soini wrote at the beginning of the column. “Finland should do this and that and now we should pass a law and then we should force people to function this way.”

“At first we moralize our friends about sorting out the trash and then we fly eight hours to Pattaya to drink from a coconut with a straw. Our moral feeling of superiority is palpable,” Soini said. “Green humbug.”

“At first we moralize our friends about sorting out the trash and then we fly eight hours to Pattaya to drink from a coconut with a straw.”

Soini admitted that “he has never been a believer in the government-controlled protection of nature and environment.”

“Government-led environment protection causes unnecessary hysteria, obviously some kind of climate anguish and does not produce results,” Soini said.

According to Soini, people should keep a natural relationship with nature. “Walking there is an important thing, many do and want that when can’t go. Swimming in natural waters is an environmental act indeed.”

Hysterical blather

But when speaking about renewing all forms of energy production in Finland, that according to Soini, “is nonsense of the worst kind.” Hysterical blather,” he added.

“During this election term, we have conducted reasonable, environment-friendly energy politics. As the first thing, this government allowed the burning of horse manure. Let the shit burn.”

Soini continued: “We should be allowed to burn peat. Peat is a domestic source of energy. Self-sufficiency and independence in these things are all the more important during these times.”

On Wednesday, Finnish animal welfare groups handed a petition to the parliament with almost 140,000 signatures supporting among others a ban on fur farming.

“Fur farming is a source of livelihood among others,” Soini said. “If it’s not done here, it’s going to be done in China. Rather here. With our rules.”

“And then we have the so-called nuclear power. They’re trying hard to seduce the people against carbon-neutral energy. Let’s. Not. Fuss.”

Tony Öhberg