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Nearly 140,000 People Demand an Improved Animal Welfare Act and a Ban on Fur Farming



Nearly 140,000 citizens have signed a petition that demands an improved Animal Welfare Act. On Wednesday, animal welfare organizations Animalia and SEY handed the petition to the parliament.

According to the organizations, crucial improvements, such as banning beam barns, farrowing stalls and fur farming, as well as guaranteeing farm animals continuous access to drinking water and implementing an obligatory tracing method for cats and dogs may be left out of the new law that should become effective in 2021.

While major metropolitans, such as Los Angeles, have taken major steps to ban the sales of fur products—following the fashion trends of responsibility—fur farming still prevails in Finland, especially in northern parts of the country. Finnish animal welfare organizations have for years tried to push a ban on fur farming without much luck.

We interviewed Kati Pulli, the executive director at the Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations SEY, about the organizations’ hopes for the future of animals.

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