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Here’s what the arrangers of what could be the largest march against climate exchange to date in this country have to say on Facebook:

“The consequences of climate change shocked Finland and the rest of the world last summer. Unbearable heat waves, roaring wildfires, droughts and blooming mats of algae in our waters are but omens of what’s to come. Climate change is already here. The time to act is now!”

Currently, 24,000 people have announced their interest on the page, hosted by the Protect Our Winters Finland NGO. 6,400 say they are going.

“United, we can yet limit climate change to a warming of 1,5 degrees. Currently, Finland’s total emissions threaten to grow,” their message continues. “We demand climate justice and support an increase in renewable energy and energy conservation, the protection of ecosystems, a just transition, aid for the climate action of the poorest and environmental education for all levels of education.”

The marchers will convene on Saturday, October 20 at 14:30 on the Senate Square in Helsinki. The march will depart for the Parliament House at 15:00.

The arrangers hope that political parties will refrain from bringing their symbols to the march.

The conveners of the rally are EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention, FEE Suomi, Greenpeace, the Student Union of the University of Helsinki, Climate parents, Citizen forum, Kepa, The Finnish Nature League, Friends of the Earth, Plan Suomi, Protect Our Winters Finland, Save Pond Hockey, The Finnish Association for Mental Health, The Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, UN Youth, WWF Finland, Finnish Sámi Youth Organization Suoma Sámi Nuorat and Suomen Nuorisoyhteistyö – Allianssi

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