A staff member of Ruokopilli Daycare Center in Jokiniemi district of Vantaa has contracted the coronavirus. 

Stock picture.

According to Leena-Mari Tornivaara, the director of early childhood education in Vantaa, five children and one member of the staff have been exposed to the virus. “They have been contacted and transferred to quarantine,” Tornivaara said. The daycare center became aware of the contraction during the weekend.


This is the first confirmed coronavirus infection among staff members in early childhood education in Vantaa. A couple of children have contracted the virus before.

Ruokopilli Daycare Center is in normal circumstances attended by about 85 children. According to Tornivaara, just a few weeks ago only about 20 to 25 percent of the children were present.

In the past few weeks, an increased number of children have been attending the center. The percentage is now closer to 60.

The daycare center is continuing its operations normally despite the infection.

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