The municipality of Sipoo recommends students of Söderkulla School (classes 4-6) to transfer to distance learning on Monday.

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Sipoo has no choice. A significant number of school teachers and assistants are in quarantine after being in contact with a person who has been contracted with the coronavirus. The students have not been exposed.

The recommendation is in effect for the whole week. “Contact teaching can not be safely arranged to all students,” the municipality says in a statement.

Contact teaching will continue in Söderkulla School for classes 1 to 3 and for all small groups of students. In addition, students from classes 4-6, who are willing, can attend the school where the teachers in quarantine will give lectures through remote connections. There are a total of 155 students in Söderkulla school.

Sipoo is a small municipality of about 20,600 people and is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. So far, there has been 69 confirmed coronavirus infections in Sipoo.