Stock picture: Finland Today

Mail delivery will be severely interrupted next week after failed negotiations between Service Sector Employers Palta and the Finnish Post and Logistics Union PAU on Thursday. In result, about 9,000 workers will go on strike.

“According to PAU’s announcement, the strike will begin on Monday, November 11 at 6:00 in the morning and continue until midnight on Sunday, November 24. The strike concerns some of Posti’s services and will hinder the delivery of mail. The estimates regarding the effects will be clarified, and we will communicate them on a daily basis. We will do everything we can to minimize the effect of the strike as much as possible,” says Jarmo Ainasoja, the head of exception management at Posti, in a bulletin.

Based on the strike announcement made by PAU, Posti estimates that the delivery of printed materials including letters, magazines and advertisements will be interrupted. In some cases, the delays could last for weeks. Parcel deliveries could also be delayed by several days. An XXS-size parcel will be delivered via Posti’s letter process, so these deliveries may be delayed by weeks.

 The delivery of instructions regarding mail forwarding (change of address, mail delivery interruption, fixed-term forwarding) submitted using a paper form may be delayed. Posti recommends submitting these instructions at

Early-morning newspaper deliveries and Posti service points will work as normal. The industrial action will not affect Posti’s warehousing services, and Posti is not expecting it to cause notable delays in freight services.

PAU has excluded from the strike all work related to safety and health including local and national delivery of food, foodstuff, groceries, pharmaceuticals and hospital products that are related to health and safety. “Posti expects PAU to fulfill its responsibility and help to ensure the normal delivery of these extremely important items,” says Ainasoja.

“We would like to thank our customers for their patience. We are very sorry about the uncertainty and disruptions caused by PAU. If the strike begins, we will do everything within our power to get deliveries to their recipients, even if a little late,” concludes Jarmo Ainasoja.

According to PAU, Posti claims that almost every page of the current collective labor agreement should be torn and replaced by the provisions of the cheaper collective labor agreement. “

Accepting the employer’s demands would mean that the already low-paid, physically demanding work would be done with even lower wages, longer working hours and working patterns that make it hard to balance work and personal life. The employer’s demands are unacceptable and lead to widespread industrial actions in the sector,” PAU said in a statement in October and warning that they would go to a strike for two weeks in November unless an acceptable solution would be found.