From the beginning of the pandemic, there are 16,637 confirmed coronavirus infections in Finland, according to the new numbers released on Tuesday by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

The number of new infections between Monday and Tuesday is 237.

One new death related to the coronavirus has been reported. The death toll is now at 359.

Currently, there are 70 people in hospital care being treated for the coronavirus. The number has grown by 12 patients since our previous report on Monday. In addition, the number of people treated in intensive care has grown to 13 patients, which is 3 more than on Monday.

In the past 24 hours, most new infections were confirmed in the following cities: 32 in Helsinki (5,261), 29 in Espoo (1,850) and 20 in Tampere (442).

In addition, new infections were confirmed in the cities and municipalities below:

18 in Jyväskylä, 15 in Vantaa, 13 in Luoto, 11 in Nokia, 9 in Turku, 7 in Kouvola, 7 in Pedesöre, 6 in Rovaniemi, 6 in Lahti, 4 in Tornio, 4 in Kauhajoki, 4 in Oulu, 3 in Riihimäki, 3 in Salo, 3 in Järvenpää, 3 in Pietarsaari, 2 in Hämeenlinna, 2 in Imatra, 2 in Kuopio, 2 in Lempäälä, 2 in Joensuu, 2 in Ylöjärvi, 2 in Vaasa, 1 in Närpiö, 1 in Keminmaa, 1 in Kokkola, 1 in Tammela, 1 in Kemi, 1 in Tervola, 1 in Kikkonummi, 1 in Harjavalta, 1 in Paimio, 1 in Mustasaari, 1 in Seinäjoki, 1 in Karkkila, 1 in Lohja, 1 in Sipoo, 1 in Forssa, 1 in Tuusula, 1 in Ulvila, 1 in Mänttä-Vilppula, 1 in Kruunupyy, 1 in Valkeakoski.

The individual statistics of new infections don’t include municipalities where there are fewer than 5 infections.