Snow to South For the Weekend – And Beyond!

Helsinki is likely to get a thin layer of snow during the weekend. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Tired of the grey clouds reflecting from the pool on the bare street? We are too. Lucky for us, a colder change will come during the weekend.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute forecasts frost and snowfall in southern Finland, beginning on the weekend. (When exactly is still something that makes the meteorologists argue on their coffee breaks.) But one thing is for sure: it’s the whipping wind that will make the frost, as the Finns say “purra”, bite.

The wind is predicted to blow hard until next week.

Because of the cold, the ground is likely to stay white. In Helsinki, it’s likely that we will see a glimpse of the sun on Sunday, too.

Riikka Lahtinen, a meteorologist at Foreca, said that the beginning of next week could bring temperatures of minus five degrees. More snow is possible as well.

According to the long-term forecast, next Thursday is going to be the coldest of the week.

In the south, the temperature could drop as low as minus 20 degrees.


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