4 Reasons Why I Insist On Studying Finnish

Every sword is double-edged. Picture: Alicia-Hotovec-Ellis

After ranting about how I will never speak Finnish fluently in my previous column, I decided to list four reasons why I insist on studying it!

1. Finnish is extremely unique. I know I mentioned it previously as a disadvantage, but every sword is double-edged. If we would like to find a connection between Finnish and other languages, we could see it as Estonian’s or Hungarian’s very, very distant relative. But when we listen to how they sound, we notice that they aren’t so close as mavens and language experts claim. According to my knowledge, Finnish is extremely unique – I’ve even heard a sentence that speaking it can be considered a superpower. Indeed, there’s something in it.

2. Sound and rhythm of this language are hypnotizing. Everyone likes one or more languages, which sound just like music in their ears. Some people find the sound of French smooth, some like the melodic Russian, some prefer listening to fast ‘n’ furious Spanish . . . . For me, Finnish is that hypnotizing one. Maybe it’s because of its constant accents, always stressing the first syllable . . . that makes him rhythmic like a tribal song. Or maybe it’s because of those singing, long and short vowels? Who knows.

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3. Speaking Finnish makes you talk lower. I don’t know how on Earth that is possible, but it is true. During our stay in Finland, we had a memorable situation that strengthened my belief in it. When I and my friend were coming back to our flat and entered the tram, we, after boarding the tram, heard a smooth, mellow, melodic low male voice. Nicely surprised by this lucky gift to our ears from fortune, we started talking about the differences between the height of voices between the nations. We started seeking the probably handsome source of this voice among the passengers. We found him. He was about 10 years old.

4. Possibility to talk in the language of your beloved country. And, to be honest, that reason could be the one and only, couldn’t it?