Female Students in Kuopio Instructed to Cover Their Cleavage to Avoid Confusion in Refugees


Picture: Ben Raynal / Flickr

The cleavage of female students has stirred conversation in a dormitory of the college of Northern Savonia in Kuopio, reveals an article of Savon Sanomat.

According to the tutors of the dormitory, concealing clothing could help young 16-17 year old refugee boys who arrive from countries with Islamic culture to meet and greet the students of opposite gender.

“For example, while greeting, they could focus more to the actual moment and not be confused when women are showing flesh,” said Iitu Heilimo, a tutor studying sign language.

Last Monday, the academy welcomed boys from Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia.

According to Heilimo, almost everybody agreed to put on something less revealing.

“It didn’t require much from anybody to put on a shirt with a higher collar or to wear a scarf.”

The principal of the college, Ensio Vatanen, said that the goal of the education in social integration is that the asylum seekers learn Finnish customs and culture.

The group in question consists of 15 adolescents, who are the first asylum seekers in Northern Savonia, even though the city of Kuopio (about 111,000 inhabitants) has a long history of people of foreign background.


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