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“My leg was so badly broken that they thought I might lose it. They had to leave the fracture open for two days to avoid necrosis,” says Johanna Nordblad, a Finnish freediver, in a breathtaking video.

Now Nordblad, 40, holds the women’s world record in diving under ice for 50 meters without flippers and a wetsuit.

Nordblad discovered her passion for freediving through cold-water treatment while recovering from the accident, which happened during downhill biking.

A stunning, staff picked Vimeo video directed by the British director and photographer, Ian Derry, displays her amazing talent while proving that the past doesn’t necessarily determine your future if you put your mind into it.

“There is no place for fear, no place for panic, no place for mistakes,” Nordblad describes diving under the ice in the video.


Johanna Under The Ice – NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.