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Trade Unions of Health Care Sector Find FM Soini’s Comments About Filipino Nurses Outrageous

Trade Unions of Health Care Sector Find FM Soini’s Comments About Filipino Nurses Outrageous


Photographer Brian Evans captured a family living in a shelter in the Philippines. Picture: Brian Evans/Flickr

Trade unions of health care sector find Foreign Minister Timo Soini’s suggestion of bringing in nurses from the Philippines outrageous.

According to Millariikka Rytkönen, chairwoman of The Union of Health and Social Care Professionals in Finland (TEHY), the Philippines are an extremely poor country that educates its nurses to become an export product even as it would need to keep them there. Rytkönen was speaking in an interview with newspaper Kaleva.

Rytkönen said that the nurse education acquired in the Philippines is not valid in Finland or in other EU countries.

“Filipino nurses in Finland work as care helpers and as cleaners. They have been tricked to come to Finland with false images, and Soini as the foreign minister, knows this,” Rytkönen said.

In the same article, Silja Paavola, chairwoman of the Finnish Union of Practical Nurses (SuPer), said that “it’s an unusual thought to drag people here without language skills like they were a flock of animals.”

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  1. Anu

    I think the argument could go both ways. I don’t see anything wrong in bringing in foreign nurses if there is need for it. However, language skills and update training program should be factored in. Nursing curriculum is mostly domesticated, so migrating nurses are most times needing to learn the practice in their new country of residence (A Finnish nurse would need such retraining to practice outside Europe i.e Canada).
    Educational opportunity and incentive are indispensable to sustain Finnish healthcare work force in long term. I would agree that nursing is not an attractive profession in Finland. Factors such as job description, incentive and workload would come to mind. So improving nursing profession image would be a good idea.

  2. Jeff

    Seriously Steven? More educational opportunities and incentives? It only shows nursing educational is not attractive for Finns. Degrading other health care professionals because of the country of original is blasphemous! Are the Finnish nurses best in the world? Did Soini say to bring unqualified nurses to Finland? Was it Soinis work on what to happened to the Attendo case? Don’t give ridiculous comments on something if you yourself does not even know how to solve the problem.

  3. Steven Karkkainen

    Like I said in an earlier comment regarding FM Soini’s comment on Finland’s nurses, he should promote more educational opportunities for Finn’s to getting nursing education by promotions and incentives for qualified students! He seems determined to undermine current nurses by flooding the field with unqualified health care professionals to save money! Finnish nurses…..never give in….strike against this kind of treatment! As professional health care providers show FM Soini where he is wrong!

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