Jussi Halla-aho, chairman of the Finns Party, photographed in Helsinki on May 1, 2019. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

As the government negotiations continued on Thursday at the House of the Estates, Jussi Halla-aho, chairman of the Finns Party, was, perhaps, still grumpy.

He was not alone.

“Rinne expressed to the people that he will take everyone on the bus, but instead he jumped on Sipilä’s private plane,” said Ville Tavio, chairman of the parliamentary group of the Finns Party, in a statement published on Wednesday.

In the parliamentary elections on April 14, the Finns party “took silver” by receiving 39 seats in the parliament, one less than the winner of the elections, the SDP, which is being chaired by Antti Rinne, who is also the government negotiator.

Rinne is now negotiating about which parties will join the government with the Green League, the Left Alliance, the Centre Party and the Swedish People’s Party.

According to the Finns party, the SDP clearly wanted a government where the leading parties are socialist and center parties, leaning to the left.

“It is likely that the SDP was afraid that the patriotic Finns party would mess up the plans of the left-leaning green government,” Tavio said.

Halla-aho suspects that the parties in question will easily find mutual understanding.

Especially in immigration, climate politics and in maintaining a public image.

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