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Authentic Greek salad is so healthy and full of flavor naturally; without dressings and spices.  It’s our authentic go-to salad for dinners around here.
You may be wondering why I have used the word “authentic” a couple of times now, or at least the Americans visiting might be wondering.  In the US, when you go to most Greek restaurants and order a Greek salad, the base of the salad is lettuce.  This is very Americanized.  In actuality a Greek salad is very rustic: Chunky veggies, no lettuce, and a lot of times doesn’t even have a dressing on it, just a little olive oil. 

Step 1

Start by cutting your tomatoes cucumber and bell pepper into chunks, and give your onion a slice.  I don’t use the whole onion, maybe about half, but you use as much as your heart desires.

Step 2

Then have some good salty feta ready to go.  This can be crumbled or in cubes.  Add the cheese and the olives into the salad

Step 3

Add a little pepper…and maybe a little salt. The olives and feta cheese are both salty on their own, so you may not feel the need for salt.  You can also add in some oregano or dill if you want to really amp up the mediterranean flavors.  Then drizzle a little olive oil over the top and gently toss

I also like to use my Universal Salad Dressing for this if I’m feeling a little fancier.  It’s a nice touch to really brighten up the flavors!

Authentically Flavorful Greek Salad