Tony Öhberg
About 1,500 people joined the nationalist 612 torchlight procession on December 6, 2019. They laid wreath at the Cross of the Heroes at the Hietaniemi cemetery and watched the candles illuminate the graves of Finnish soldiers fallen in Winter War, Continuation War and Lapland War. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today.

The police caught 13 people involved in the action around several protests in Helsinki on Friday, Finland’s 102nd Independence Day. “Independence Day went according to our plans. Some individuals were apprehended,” says Detective Chief Inspector Seppo Kujala, who was responsible for the operations surrounding the day in Helsinki.

The police are going to begin pre-trial investigations for an explosives crime and two suspected assaults. The police apprehended the persons suspected of the aforementioned crimes in the evening.

Five people were caught in the metro earlier in the evening for carrying items banned from a protest. The items included torches, the police said. According to the police, the metro was stopped for a moment and no passengers were in danger.

Soldiers of Odin group and like-minded people took the streets on Friday. Video: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

In total, three persons were caught for disturbing the protest of Soldiers of Odin. We documented one of the arrests in pictures in a story published earlier on Friday evening. Two other protesters were caught somewhere along the march for laying on the ground to stop the march from proceeding across the Töölö district. The police quickly caught the persons that turned out to be activists in a nonviolent civil disobedient movement.

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Three persons were caught for disturbing the 612 torchlight procession later in the evening. Two participants in the procession were also caught. One threw a banger to the public and another one was caught to prevent crimes and disturbances.

The massive police barricades and blocked streets virtually stopped the traffic in the Töölö region and in downtown in the evening.

Because of this, the police managed to keep counter-protesters separated. A massive “Helsinki Without Nazis” protest was arranged in a park along the route of the torchlight procession.

“Eat shit!” they shouted long after the procession had passed them and were in Hietaniemi cemetery protected by the police so that they could observe the graveyard that bathed in candlelight in peace.