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The polar bear cub is looking for a name. Picture: Ranua Zoo

In November 2016,  the female polar bear, Venus, gave birth to two cubs at the Ranua Zoo in Lapland. Only one survived.

Upon birth, the surviving cub weighed around 500 grams and now, about four months later, it weighs over seven kilos. The cub exited the den for the first time in March.

Watch the cub frolicking in the snow.

The Ranua Zoo is now looking for a name for the cub. According to the zoo, naming the animals is important, because an easily remembered name helps animal caretakers pass information about the well-being of animals to their colleagues.

“Naming the male polar bear cub born in November 2016 is especially meaningful. The birth and survival of polar bear cubs in zoos are very rare and people all over the world will want to see him grow. He is also so cute that we have had trouble coming up with a name that would suit him,” the zoo said in a bulletin.

The naming contest ends August 31 and the winner will be announced September 4.