Crowning of Havis Amanda in Helsinki, April 30, 2019. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today / Click to view gallery


This year on the eve of May Day, the historical Havis Amanda received its student cap from members of the Aalto University Student Union.

Tens of thousands of people surrounded the statue at the corner of the Market Square. The sky was clear, the weather warm, and a cool breeze from the sea could be felt on the skin. The sun was shining.

At 18:00, the students, who hung from a crane with the aid of ropes, placed the cap on the sculpture’s curls.

There was music and screaming. Pieces of streamers were blown into the sky. The students sang. They swam in the basin that surrounds the statue. They drank.

Occasionally a member of the crowd behind the barriers, which surrounded the vicinity of the statue, couldn’t resist the temptation and tried to jump over but the burly members of the security were quick to escort the lost sheep back to the crowd.

The party kept going.

And going.