The weather at the start of the week is going to be mild with increasing cloudiness and occasional winds across the country.

Daytime temperatures are going to stay around 5 and 8 degrees Celsius in south and southwestern Finland and around 1 and 5 degrees elsewhere.

Tuesday is likely to be the rainiest day of the week, except in Lapland where sunny weather will prevail.

In eastern Finland, the rain is likely to come down as snow and sleet.

The temperatures are likely to rise to 9 degrees Celsius at the southwest coast of Finland while in other parts temperatures between 2 and 7 degrees are expected.

In northern Lapland the daytime temperatures could at some parts rise to 5 degrees.

On Wednesday the weather is to become clearer, and freezing temperatures of as much as minus 10 degrees Celsius are possible.

Rains are expected in the southern parts, and the daytime highs are likely to rise close to 10 degrees.

On Thursday, the weather is going to continue as rainy and windy while it’s going to partly snow in the northern parts.

Daytime temperatures in the southern parts are likely to stay around 10 degrees Celsius while in Lapland the daytime highs are going to drop to minus 10 degrees.

On Friday, it’s going to become colder in the southern parts. Freezing temperatures and snowfall are possible.

Sources: Foreca, the Finnish Meteorological Institute