With the increased delivery, it is likely that parcels and cards will reach their destination for Christmas.

Christmas card by Jim Roberts/Flickr

The Finnish postal service, Posti, will respond to the needs of the busiest time of the year by returning to the Friday delivery schedule.

In November–December, Posti will deliver tens of millions of newspapers, letters, magazines, advertisements, Christmas greetings and parcels to homes and companies.

Traditionally, the busiest delivery days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. However, during the season, there are enough different types of items to deliver on Fridays, and also on Tuesdays, if necessary, in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Posti will also deliver parcels to pick-up points on Saturdays.

“When it comes to mail delivery, the Christmas season is by far the busiest time of the year, with the Christmas mail sent by consumers multiplying the volume for a few weeks,” Sami Reponen, director of postal services, said in a news release.

Postal services adopted a lightened Friday delivery for the June–October period because of the permanently reduced volume of letters, newspapers, magazines and advertisements, further reduced by the coronavirus pandemic. The holiday season has temporarily improved the situation, meaning there is enough mail to deliver on Fridays.

After the Christmas season, Posti plans to return to the lightened Friday delivery in January 2021