Prime Minister Antti Rinne submits the resignation of the government to President Sauli Niinistö at the president’s official residence, Mäntyniemi, on December 3, 2019. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Prime Minister Antti Rinne (the SDP) has resigned. He gave the resignation of the government to President Sauli Niinistö on Tuesday afternoon.

It was a hurried resignation.

After his resignation, Rinne said in a press conference that last Friday there were no signs of any kind of mistrust within the government parties against the prime minister. But because of the current mistrust, he must resign.


It all changed during the weekend.

On Sunday, a so-called crisis meeting was arranged between the party leaders in the government.

After talks that lasted about three hours, the Green League, the Left Alliance and the Swedish People’s Party were ready to give Rinne their full support. The Centre Party wasn’t.

On Monday evening, Katri Kulmuni, the chairwoman of the Centre Party, iterated the same message to the media before various meetings. “There’s a lack of confidence against Prime Minister Rinne.”

After the party board meeting on Monday evening the Centre’s message was clear and final: Because of a lack of confidence in Rinne, the SDP should make their conclusions about the matter.

On Tuesday morning, Rinne met Kulmuni. It had become clear that Rinne would have to resign.

Prime Minister Antti Rinne arrives at the meeting of the SDP’s parliamentary group on Tuesday morning. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

Rinne, however, arrived at the meeting of the SDP’s parliamentary group on Monday morning without a comment to the media.

Around noon, Finland Today was informed that Prime Minister Rinne is going to submit his resignation to the president.

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After 12:30 it was final, President Niinistö accepted the resignation and asked the government to continue on a caretaker basis until a new government has been appointed.

Antti Rinne is leaving the Government Palace on Tuesday afternoon. In the press conference, he said that many people have done mistakes, he included. Picture: Tony Öhberg for Finland Today

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