A screen shot of power outages in Finland on Thursday morning at 07:54, September 17, 2020. Illustration: sähkökatkokartta.fi

Aila storm has cut power from 61,317 households (at 07:54) on Thursday morning. Power outages occur in 140 municipalities among customers of 20 electric companies.

At this writing, one of the municipalities with most power failures is Pori, located on the southwest coast, where 4,711 customers are without electricity.

Thousands of households are also without power in Mustasaari (5,207), Uusikaupunki (2,914) and Närpiö (2,049)—all cities on the southwest coast.

Hard winds and fallen trees are the cause of many power cuts. Rescue department in Northern Ostrobothnia has by Thursday morning reported 40 missions related to clearing trees from power lines and roads.

The winds are expected to get stronger in Helsinki during the day. Wind gusts of as much as 25 meters per second are expected.

Helsinki rescue department has raised its readiness and shared tips on how to brace for wind. Some of the tips include bringing in garden furniture and other movables from the yard like trampolines so that they don’t break any windows.

Photograph on the cover: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today