This autumn’s first storm is likely to hit hardest on Thursday.

Photograph: Tony Öhberg/Finland Today

A powerful autumn storm is approaching Finland on Wednesday evening and is expected to become fierce beginning at night.

The hardest winds will be experienced at the sea, in Åland Islands and at the western and southwestern coast, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

On land, the gusts of wind could reach up to 25 meters per second and at sea to as much as 36 meters per second.

In the capital region, the storm is likely to be felt on Thursday. “The best estimate,” according to Meteorologist Paavo Korpela from the Finnish Meteorological Institute, “is that the wind gusts will reach 20 meters per second.”

Vast rains of as much 50 millimeters between Wednesday and Thursday are possible across central Finland, Northern Savonia and Ostrobothnia.  The meteorological institute has issued warnings for floods and hard winds for those areas.

In the capital region, the rain is likely to come down as drizzle.

The autumn storm has been named Aila, after the name day on Thursday.